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Travel, transport and flights to and from Seville

How do you travel to, from and in Seville? Below are helpful tips and travel advices for flights and accessibility. Also if you want to see the surroundings of Seville or making a round trip through Andalusia.

things to do in seville flight fly to seville

Flights or fly to Seville?

In about 2.5 hours you fly from the most and biggest North European cities directly to sunny Seville. Seville has a small but modern airport which has sufficient conveniences. The distance to Seville centre is about 10 km.

💡 Useful tips for flights or flying to Seville

• Look for the cheapest flights for example at Google Flights or Skyscanner.
• Make sure you book a direct flight. Indirect flights are often a lot cheaper but the flight duration is very long.

💡 Sevilla suitable for disabled?

• Did you know that we have successfully organized complete programs for people with disabilities or wheelchairs? Please send an email to for more information.

things to do in seville from airport to centre transfer

From the airport to Seville centre (transfer)?

Seville has its own airport where every 30 minutes a bus goes to the center. There is only one bus (white + EA) and the stop is on the left as you walk out of the arrivals hall. You can buy a ticket on the bus for € 4 (as of January 2017) and in less than twenty minutes you are in the center. Click here for bus schedule and stops.

💡 Useful tips from the airport to Seville centre

• Do not buy a return ticket for the white bus EA, since it is only valid on the same day.

Prefer a taxi as transport? That is also possible. Count on about € 30 per taxi (as of July 2015) to the direct center (one way and daytime only). In the evening, at night, Sundays and holidays unfortunately other (more expensive) rates are applied.

💡 Transfers from and to Seville?

• Do you want us to arrange a transfer for you (from the airport to the old center)? That can be done for total € 22.50 (one way, up to 4 people per vehicle). Send an e-mail for availability and booking.

things to do in seville bus tram or subway

Bus, tram or subway in Seville (Public transport)?

The bus, train, tram or subway? Seville has it all. Public transport is well organized and very economical! Bus and tram costs € 1.40 per ride (as of January 2017). You can also purchase a bono card for € 8 at a Estanco (tobacco shop). Which you can recharge but you pay only the half per ride! Go to the Tussam website, the Sevillian public carrier (unfortunately only in Spanish but translate with Google translater). The bus, tram and metro are mainly used by commuters from the surrounding villages.

things to do in seville bike rental cycle rent

Bike rental or rent in Seville?

A bicycle is just as convenient to get around the old centre. Seville has a large network of (green colored) bicycle paths. You can use Sevici Bicis. These are bikes that you can grab and park at various places in the city. You pay only the price of € 13.30 for 7 days (as of January 2017) when you park the bike the bike again of the other 250 bike stations within half an hour.

Want always to be sure of your 'own' bike? Avoiding the chance that your Sevici bicycle is not functioning properly or that you always have to look for a Sevici bike station? Then is the best option to rent a bike. We can provide this economical and easy so you are assured of a safe bicycle on arrival (from € 25 p.p.p.24hrs., as of Januari 2017). Send simply and free of obligation e-mail to us. You only pay when you pick up the bike.

things to do in seville car rental rent

Car rental or rent in Seville?

Ideal for day tours and trips if you want maximum mobility. Seville has a large number of providers of car rental at both the airport and the main railway station. At the reputable companies you can drop off your rental car at a different locations or airports. Super useful when you are going to make a roundtrip through Andalusia. The prices are unfortunately depending on the season and the pick up place. Rent your car economicaly through Doyouspain or Skyscanner.

things to do in seville centre by car

Seville by car?

Do you come with a car to the center? Then follow the signs centro ciudad. But you rather not drive into the old centre. This is a true labyrinth with many one way roads and narrow streets. It is so close that your navigation is easy to make mistakes. In addition, the 'driving habits' are clearly different than in the North European countries. Finding a car without any damage is a specialty. Therefore park your car just outside the old city centre in one of the parking garages. The fare is around € 15 for a day pass (as of January 2017).

Of course Seville has also free (unpaid) or paid parking places besides the parking garages. Often you see impoverished Sevillians which indicate you to the quite rare places. This 'service' is not provided for free but a small fee of € 0.50 or something more is satisfying. However, it is also a paid site? Then you must in addition to the 'pointing fee' also fill the parking meter...

things to do in seville going by train

Seville by train?

Would you like a trip to another city or to the beach? Also consider the public transport. By train (Renfe) you get from Santa Justa train station very easy and quick in Cádiz, Jerez and Córdoba. Take the high speed train that takes you up to 300 km/h comfortably to your destination (plus fixed, reserved seats). But you can also go cheaper by bus from the bus stations Prado San Sebastián or Plaza de Armas to several towns and villages in the area or to the beach.

Seville = Superb + Magic + Surprising + Sparkling!

Seville is gorgeous, magical, surprising, sparkling and more..! Seville offers something for everyone. Young and old(er) and is doing well for disabled. Didn't you found what you were looking on our website? Do not hesitate and contact us or read more on the next page:

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