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About us

Pia Tours Services is the specialist for walking, cycling, tapas and flamenco shows in Seville. We do this with passion for Dutch, Flemish, English and German speaking tourists. We also organize programs for (business) Group Tours or Corporate Events.

We are a young company with passionate colleagues who sparkle with energy and have a particular love and passion for beautiful Seville. We speak Dutch, Flemish, English, Spanish and German.

What is the meaning of Pia?

Pia was originally a Spanish name and means Friendly and Optimistic. In Latin it means Faithful and Devoted. All of us! You will notice this as our guest! Whit our passion, we want you to experience the real Seville during your city trip. On our page Why Pia Tours? you read more about our customer principles.

Our Team

Pia Tours Services has a young, enthusiastic, professional team of passionate Dutch (Flemish), English, Spanish and German speaking guides. Each colleague has a special love and passion for beautiful Seville. We are people who sparkle with energy and which have lost their heart to this city. Read below why these people life in Seville:

things to do in seville managing director angela huf

'Soy Angela' ie I'm Angela. In 2012, married to James and then our honeymoon without a deadline. Jobs canceled and with our VW camper traveled through Belgium, France to Spain and arrived in Seville. From the first moment we were enchanted by this city. In love with each other and with Seville. What a beauty, what an atmosphere, a warmth (of both people and the temperature), what a nice Food and Drinks. Truly the undiscovered jewel of Andalusia! From all this beauty, I started Pia Tours Services and I want to share and experience this with you. Note: There is a risk that you (also) don't want to leave Seville...

💡 Bed and breakfast 'Puerta de Sevilla'

Would you like to stay and enjoy in a quiet, lovely area of Seville? Then take a look at our city Bed and Breakfast 'Puerta de Sevilla' and book a comfortable room!

things to do in seville city guide jorinde cielen

Encantado chiquillos, Born as Jorinde, but in Jerez where I lived for several years and now in Seville, I got the name La Joli. Fortunately, I also speak French and Joli means in French beautiful, just like the city of Seville. Which is not only beautiful, but has a tremendous history of the Tartars and the Romans and Moors until the Inquisition, in Belgium and the Netherlands. I would like to tell you all of this during a tour by bike or walking, with a nice glass of wine, cava or Manzanilla (sherry Sanlucar de Barameda) and the fantastic tapas. I have for years engaged in flamenco dancing and singing, teaching and performing. Have seven years traveled around the world with the street theater group La Guardia Flamenca, a mix of theater, comedy and flamenco. Recently I was singing and dancing as Carmen in the children's opera by Underwood and previously sang and I danced in the musical Zorro. Would you like to know more about flamenco and watch a beautiful show, please contact us for a customized flamenco tour or workshop ( ). Do you want to learn Sevillanas? In one hour I will teach you the first steps of Sevillana and you can at night to make the insecure bars beautiful dance. Un cordial Saludo

things to do in seville city guide mandy van veggel

¡Hola a todos! My name is Mandy, graduated my studie of Spanish teacher. During my studie I lost my heart to a real Don Juan. In 2015 I have chased my love and now live in beautiful Seville. I have a very great love for the Spanish language and culture, and here I can enjoy it every day! Seville is a beautiful city with a rich culture, beautiful buildings, delicious food and very nice people. I do not regret the adventure that I have started and hope to be here very old and happy. Seville is great, a city where everyone must have been once!

things to do in seville city guide celine leterme

¡Hola! I'm Céline, originally from Bruges, but since a year I traded in my hometown for the beautiful Seville! I studied English and Spanish for five years at the University of Ghent and during that period I've travelled a lot; from the Andes mountains in Peru to the great barrier reef in Australia! During my Erasmus exchange I already had the opportunity to enjoy the lovely Andalusian culture and after having discovered a great deal of the world, I came to realize Seville is one of the most appealing destinations to live in. I'm a part time English teacher in an academy and the rest of my free time I love eating Seville's delicious tapas, meeting my friends and simply taking pleasure in discovering the sevillian culture! Seville has so much to offer both historically and culturally and I just love sharing my knowledge about this marvellous city during a bike or tapas tour! ¡Hasta pronto!

things to do in seville flamenco specialist iris dekker

My name is Iris Dekker, Flamenco specialist at Pia Tours Services. Flamenco is my passion and life. A few years ago, in Valencia I got 'contaminated' with the Flamenco virus. The pureness, the power and intenseness of this graceful dance style is one and all meaning. I wanted to study professional Flamenco and where can you do that better than in beautiful Seville, the birthplace of Flamenco! My ambition is to bring my love for Flamenco, knowledge and skills to the Netherlands and get others 'contaminated'. So with Angela I developed a program which is totally different from the regular Flamenco shows in Seville. First you get a look behind the scenes and afterwards an authentic Flamenco show only with locals.

things to do in seville intern donna van maanen

¡Buen dia! My name is Donna. Intern at Pia Tours Services from Inn Holland College, where I am studying Tourism and Marketing. I definitely wanted to do my internship in Spain. I studied Spanish for two years and have oriented me in different companies. Through the website and the first meeting with Angela, I was sure it had to be Pia Tours Services. Luckily, they had the same thoughts. I did not know much about Seville but once arrived I was touched by this wonderful Seville. Not extremely touristic because this town is authentic Spanish at heart! For me Seville is beauty, history, Flamenco but most the delicious food and drink!

things to do in seville specialist marketing and web james schubert

¿Cómo estás? Mi nombre es James. For the alert reader, the partner of Angela and specialist Marketing & Web for Pia Tours Services. I have traveled more in my life but it was until Angela and Seville to no longer return to the beautiful but overregulated and overpriced Netherlands. Seville is for me the good life, polite, pleasant (warm) people who enjoy space and an unknown historical beauty with a fantastic climate! Do you know Spain, just like me, mainly of the tourist costas, Barcelona or Valencia? Then it really is time for a different Spain and visit this undiscovered jewel. Fantastic ie ¡Estupendo!

Any more questions, tips and advice?

You can contact us about Seville with any questions. We like to share our enthusiasm and passion for this city. We really want to introduce you to wonderful Seville. So if you have plans to go to Seville soon? Do Book a memorable tour with us or contact us for special features!

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